Breaking Free


This human shape is a ghost made of distraction and pain, sometimes pure light, sometimes cruel, trying wildly to open this image tightly held within itself.  - Rumi

Cabin fever might have you splitting at the seams but a trip to the mall is not what you truly yearn for. Humanity is breaking free from the past. Everything is coming undone. Everything. Our souls are rising up. We are emptying our houses. Someone has died, the limited illusion of who we are. Only the lovely beauty of the soul remains. The limited illusion can no longer support life. We are seeking life on another planet. The planet is within us.

The signs of the wondrous growth are feeling lost and unfamiliar in your home, work, day to day routine and relationships. Everything seems foreign. Your memory may be poor or you may have gales of forgotten heartache rolling over you. No darkness can be carried forward. We are being reborn DNA & all. We may feel incredible fear of the future, the fate of humanity and our planet. Those of us that are scared to death are right on track.

What strange beings we are that sitting in hell, at the bottom of the dark, we are afraid of our own immortality. - Rumi

We are birds inside the egg. Chipping away at all the old patterns that have weighed us down for so long. Chipping away at our endless pursuit of distractions, the addictions to the material world that tempt us to believe that flesh, bone and money are all there is.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit.   - Aristotle

Be present with yourself. Notice your thoughts. Notice your actions, are they true to your heart? Do your actions match your words? What holds your attention? The soul is tapping on the inside. Reclaim your focus. Make loving positive thoughts your habit. Follow the new and release the old. Your true self is calling.

You can't hold a man down without staying down with him! - Booker T. Washington

What we focus on expands. To focus on another, understanding the motives and circumstances that cause another's  behavior is futile. To hold onto blame and resentment of others and self is to occupy our spirits with bitterness. We create and draw more negativity to ourselves. 

The chaos of our government and country is fulfilling a Divine plan beyond our comprehension. What we resist continues to control us. The old needs to fall. Already people, of their own creativity and ingenuity, are solving problems, growing food, helping others and finding new sources of fuel and natural medicines. The new world is already rising from the hearts of the people. The change occurred BECAUSE of the current dangers. Chaos spurred us into growth. People are softer and kinder. More connected and aware of the well being of "the whole". The change is rising from the people.

So today, find a more nurturing way to fill yourself up. The soul is tapping. Follow the nudges of your soul like bread crumbs out of the dark woods. Inquire within. Make choices, all choices from you soul. I sit in silence and ask "the God that I am" to guide and direct my day. I can feel the warmth respond. My soul rises to the task. Present moment meditation has also helped me navigate the chaos. Instead of responding from habit, break free and choose anew, every moment. What is best for my soul in this moment will also serve humanity. It's a win win. Happiness and a healthy humanity.

You are lover and beloved. You possess untapped power, love and wisdom. Relax into your soul. Open your heart to you! Feel the warmth. The whole adventure of this moment is loving and discovering you. The real blessed and beloved you.