Eclipse the Past


"Rest is not idleness and to lie sometimes on the grass, under trees on a summers day, listening to the murmur of the water or watching the clouds float across the sky is by no means a waste of time."  - John Lubbock "The Uses of Life"

How have you been? I know, I've been gone so long you're probably thinking, "Who is this?" Life is like that though, isn't it? Everything ebbs and flows. The only constant in life is change and change we are. We go through periods where we just can't seem to keep up or stay the same. That cycle helps us to uproot from outgrown tendencies and grow into a new phase in our evolution. The world right now is in that state. We are moving forward at lightening speed. NOTHING can stay the same. We are sorting out what serves and what does not. Even things we keep need to grow and be restructured. Idleness does not come easily to me. Due to changes in my work and home life, I have been given time to rest and enjoy my life.

We enjoyed and incredibly relaxing vacation in Aruba. I haven't been that still in a long time. It's quite easy in blue water with palm trees swaying and birds singing. I also recommitted to artistic creativity. I've had time to read, which I find incredibly restorative. I saw 9 movies at the Dietrich Summer Film Festival. I joined a writers group and am taking a writing class at Wilkes. I also learned a short, comprehensive new yoga routine for overall health which is being received quite nicely. I attended the Yoga Conference on Mental Health at Misericordia. It's been an active but relaxing summer. OK! So, by now you are probably wondering what planet I live on and if I ever turn on a TV. I believe I'm still on earth but the only TV I watch is Big Bang reruns and Turner Classic Movies.

"Clara found it easy to forgive most things in most people. Too easy, her husband Peter often warned. But Clara had her own little secret. She didn't really let go of everything. Most things, yes. But some she secretly held and hugged and would visit in moments when she needed to be comforted by the unkindness of others." - Louise Penny from Still Life

One of my reads this summer was the above Agatha Christie style mystery by Louise Penny. I found these lines so telling. As I contemplated this passage, my question is why is this true for me? Why is it that I, or anyone, would be comforted by the unkindness of others? I realized that for me a lack of esteem is secretly comforted when others acted badly. Then I could be worthy or even better than they. Also, unkindness in others lessens the self judgment of our own humanity. Finally, embracing negativity is considered normal and even celebrated. Modern media and social media runs rampant with it. Why have hope when the world is such a mess. We believe negativity protects us. In reality, fear and negativity ensure your victimization on some level. It's a self fulfilling prophecy. Our egos are masters of self destruction. They joyfully, incessantly seek chaos.

"Every one thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing themselves." - Leo Tolstoy

The eclipse opened a shift in the energy matrix of the planet so incredibly profound. The changes are restructuring our DNA, that means, body and mind. Our egos have long ruled the planet. An influx of Divine Feminine energy is balancing out that which has ruled for so long. Our brains are being rewired to there original state of truth. All will, at our own pace, "wake up" to our oneness with the Divine. We will now be able to easily access Divine wisdom, power and love. We think we know what those three words mean but, truly, we have only a skewed or minimal idea. When your shift occurs, your mind will be blown, literally! I am already feeling and utilizing access of the true wisdom. It helps me make better choices. Your life starts today. Every part of the past, family history, genetics, past trauma and suffering, even who you perceive yourself to be has been eclipsed. It's over. Let it go and watch your self evolve. The best days of your life are yet to come. More beautiful than you can imagine in this moment!

Some of the physical symptoms of the eclipse change have been neck and back pain, nausea and stomach issues, exhaustion, confusion and moodiness, just to name a few. This is a a rough part of the ride. Our perceptions will shift. We feel lonely and misunderstood. We are changing completely. Change brings truth. Every quality that is good will get better, only our negative traits and beliefs fall away. Self love and self care, rest and quiet time are crucial for our sanity. We NEED these things to make it through the transformation. The world around us is working itself out. Mother earth is cleaning herself and in her own shift. Avoid negativity at all cost. Take action where you can. Otherwise seek gratitude in each moment. Enjoy each day as it comes. The government is on it's own path. Let it roll. Tend to yourself. Positive energy has returned to the planet. Negative energy does not like that and it rails harder, but too late. Tolstoy is absolutely correct. He mirrors the teachings of the Buddha and Jesus Christ. The kingdom of Heaven is within. Stop feeding into the crap and live your life. The changes are naturally occurring. We must go with the flow. Do no harm. Be who you are. Be present especially, the answers are in the now. Your life in this moment does depend on rest, self care, self nurturing, meditation and inquiry and prayer. Take action in these areas and let go of what was once survival, LIVE!