Oh, deer me!

    On a sunny Saturday in September, I had plans to dig four holes in the yard to place new plants. Digging a hole is not fun. It’s even less fun on top of a mountain. Approximately five inches down, CLINK! I hit the first rock.  I consider it lucky when I hit a monster rock. I clear the outline with my hands then wedge the pick axe under the edge and jimmy it out. I need dig no further, the hole it leaves behind is big enough for planting. This might be an all day job, so I continue eagerly.

     When I work in the yard, Carlos, my indoor cat, is allowed out to play. His ebony fur shines in the sun as he stalks through the yard.  I sense a presence and notice a delicate, spotted fawn grazing in the woods. I sigh with joy, as it munches greedily on the greenery, tail flicking. Carlos also notices and decides to investigate. He slinks toward the fawn, then, hides behind a tree. He repeats that process, cautiously moving closer and closer. At this pace, he will take a while, so, I continue digging. After a few moments, I hear a terrible sound. I look up in horror to see the Mama deer standing between Carlos and her baby. She tilts her head back and trumpets the warning again. When she lowers her head, the deer levels her gaze in my direction and walks purposefully toward me, ignoring Carlos. Mama deer comes to a halt at the border of the yard.  I call Carlos, and miraculously, he comes running. Scooping him up, I toss him in the house.

    As I return to my dig, the doe resumes her advance into the yard.  We are fifteen feet apart, at best. CRACK! Her hoof strikes the ground. She is staring me down, but, thankfully, the trumpeting has ceased. Her fawn meanders away from us.

     I speak to the deer like I’m talking a jumper down from a ledge.

“I’m not going to hurt you, or, your beautiful baby.”

I continue to chat and swing the pick axe, “Please stop eating my flowers. All that rain made the woods full and lush. No need to eat these flowers.”

     Finally, I lean on the pick axe and gaze into the eyes of this incredible creature. Mama continues to scrutinize me, nostrils flaring. I soften my energy and allow love to flow from my heart. I am in awe of this God moment. The doe steps even closer. We are about ten feet apart now.

 “I realize my flowers taste especially good. I use flower essences and ask the fairies to help them grow, but, there is no lack of food in the woods!” I scold.

     Then, closer still, she creeps, bending to sniff the flowers. I thought the doe would eat my flowers right in front of me! When Mama lifts her head, our eyes meet again. Her muscles quiver. I witness her power and pride, yet, I feel an incredible tenderness radiating from her. What a breathtaking moment. We are the same, Mama and I, protecting our babies. I repeat again, that I love her and mean no harm. I guess she believed me because she turns and bounds into the woods, a flash of speed and grace. The doe collects her fawn and they wander off.


       by Sandy Seyler

Crack! Lightening spears clouds.
Crack! Lone pine tree stands.
Crack! Burnt offering.

The refiners fire is burning brightly. We are chosen. Female energy is rising to take her rightful place in equal measure with the masculine. We are transformed daily. The fire is hot. Hold fast to integrity. Our metal is being tempered in Divine image. Illusion is burned away. Only truth remains. Be present with what happens every moment. Like the doe, be fierce in nurturing. Stand in your power. Harm none. Respect all. Honor your hearts desires and petition the Divine. Follow your intuition and instincts. Take chances. Explore new trails.
How beautiful we are!