Spring 2018

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Kwan Yin Yoga

Saturday, April 21st

10am to Noon  -  $30

Experience the deep meditative stretching of Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga targets the ligaments, tendons and cartilage in the hip, groin, low back and legs that cause stiffness. We will touch on neck and shoulders as well. All postures done on floor. Movements are slow and postures are held for extended period of time. Breath, visuals, and mantras are used during postures. After approx an hour of postures we will close with a guided visual journey to receive healing elixir from the Kwan Yin (Compassionate One). This class will be tender and relaxing in it's nature. So come stretch and unwind. Bring a mat and blanket if you have them. Reservations requested 570-288-1785 or contact page. Walk-ins are welcome.

Angel Love Guided Meditation

Friday, May 4th

5:30 - 6:30pm $15 or class pkg

Guided visual journey meditation. Enjoy, relax and heal as you are guided through a meditation to clear negative energy and connect with angels to help you heal and deepen self love and appreciation. This is a great way to clear out stress and start your weekend off right. Bring mat and blanket if you have them. Comfy clothes. Also bring any other pillows or supports you will need to lie on the floor. I do have lots of mats, extra blankets and bolsters. If you are uncomfortable lying on the floor you may sit against the wall or in a chair.

No reservations needed. Walk-ins welcome. 

Detox and Relax Yoga and Meditation

Saturday, May 12th

10am - Noon   $30

Take time to nourish and refresh your body and mind. Approx and hour of yoga will focus on stretches to detox the body and restorative postures to support the adrenals and nervous system. We will close with a soothing guided visual meditation to soothe the mind and nervous system. Participants will also receive reiki healing energy during meditation. Bring a mat and blanket if you have them. Reservations requested 570-288-1785 or contact page. Walk-ins are welcome.

New Individual Services!

Healing Yoga - you will rest in restorative yoga postures while receiving reiki.

Crystal Bowl Healing Alignment - as you rest, bowls will be played to immerse you in sound and facilitate chakra healing and energy clearing

Shamanic Drumming Therapy - as you rest, energy will be cleared and physical and mental healing facilitated through shamanic drumming, chanting and rattles.

Remote Energy Healing - for a quick pick me up these phone sessions are a good way to get back on track when you are busy. Appointments suggested.

Angel Tarot Readings are available in person for approx 1 hour or

read by cell phone with txtd pics 30 min. 

Receiving cash, check or PayPal

Celtic Healing Service

Saturday, April 28th  

from 6 to 7pm - Donations

Held at St. Stephens's Episcopal Church

35 S. Franklin St.


An opportunity to gather for peaceful, hope-filled, reflection, meditation and prayer in the Celtic Spirit.

Check Calendar page for more information on events listed above. Call Sandy for more info or reservations 570-288-1785 or use contact page!