Between Worlds

Untitled-2                           copyright Sandy Seyler

I am melting,
like the wicked witch of the west,
ice on a summer sidewalk,
my past flowing away. 


Hello my friends,

So, this is hell week. Every unresolved emotion in our lives we haven't processed up to this point is in the queue and rolling. Turn each emotion or issue over to your sacred heart. Just drop it down into your chest and it will be resolved. We are being taught to be independent & interdependent on our souls. The sacred heart is soul's center. You are and have always been a droplet of God poured into flesh. It's time to realize and act from this truth. I ask Arch Angel Michael to guide and protect us in this process. Call upon him and you will receive peace.

Fallen                        copyright Sandy Seyler

Paradise lost.
Fallen from grace.
Wings broken.
Halo shattered.
Tempted by the dark star
to believe a vision of lies.
An illusion of prideful heaven,
with pompous angels
destroying at will
Happiness, Joy, Love.
Doubt sucks power dry.
Arrogance and insolence
destroyed my own heaven.
Clenched fist raised
bashes away loving touch.
Oh, how foolish to believe
childhood deceptions.
Serpents wound around my heart
constrict loves flow.
I embraced the illusion of the fallen.
It was the only item on the menu;
Until now.


Rising Fire


             Steel        by Sandy Seyler

My soul was tempered  in the fires of hell.

Anger and despair now cooled,

I stand.  Gleaming strong in the sun,

I reflect the light.

Truth revealed:



Are we there yet? Yes! we are. The old systems are crumbling. People at a grassroots level are working together. Volcano's are erupting. The Mother earth is changing her form. We are becoming true and new. We are in the refiner's fire. The things you feel threatened by are trying to get you to turn inward and rely and work with your soul fire. I have been amazed at how many limiting beliefs arise in my mind every day to be cleared. Beliefs about poverty and suffering. I didn't realize the inherited global consciousness from my ancestors was so great. Beliefs that caused me to live in fear. Some of my dissipated beliefs were, "the world destroys everything beautiful I create." " I am always in danger of being crushed by the darkness, the darkness crushes the light." "If I have money I will loose my spirituality.' "My life has always been a struggle." I can't do what I want, I must serve another". "my desires must be set aside to serve others.' . . . . .And those are just a few. I've also discovered that even though yoga and meditation have given me great awareness and command of my body, I tended to ignore my own pain.  You teach best what you most need to learn. LOL! Hence, my class battle cry, No Pain, No Pain! My spirit was trying to get me to follow my own words!. . . False beliefs and unconscious practices were embedded in my daily routine. Some, I was aware of and thought they could not be changed and others, I was completely clueless. So, now is the time of awakening to what is going on in our lives in all areas. We are moving into our truth. Our true selves, our I Am Presence, is leading us gently to the light of true living. We all move at a different pace. Pay attention to the revelations that pop in your head, if they are positive act on them, if they are limiting, turn them over to your I Am Presence to be cleared. Its' time to recognize and work with the God within. That droplet of God poured out into flesh is your soul. It is awakening for all of us.

Suffering is an embedded belief, not God's will. We believe suffering  creates worthiness or character yet, it creates victim consciousness and pain. When we feel suffering, ask the belief to stop and affirm "This is not Gods will for me".  Reinforce the positive Divine flow by constantly acknowledging the joyful, Divine flow situations as, "this IS Gods will for me." Like when a car repair costs less than you thought. Like meeting an old friend unexpectedly, Like feeling healthy, enjoying nature, being creative, spending time with loved ones, when a meeting with your boss goes better than expected.Surrender the painful, highly celebrate the joyful, great or small. My intuition and guidance system gives me new techniques and insights each day. I use them to heal myself and offer these tools as guided to my students and reiki clients. I share this info day to day in class and sessions. Come in and reconnect the original Divine you. I know the way! I'll show you.