Summer Poetry 2019


Small World

                                   By Sandy Seyler


Dew drop dangles from green leaf,

Reflects upside down world inside.

Reveals the proper perspective,

Tentative, precarious, impermanent.

I laugh as it falls into my mouth.


Ocean Release

                             by Sandy Seyler


Why was it tension?

Why was it not what it seemed?

Why was it anything at all beside the deep blue ocean,

That rocks my soul and cradles my dreams?

Wiggles and squiggles of waves hold their foaming heads high,

While yellow-winged gulls oversee the folly.

Sentries; statues on posts challenged by the buffeting wind.

Ocean lady stretches her white foamy fingers to caress the sand.

Bathing the shore, ever changing from minute to minute.

Her waves roll over and over, playfully tossing me about,

Reshaping my life with enfolding arms.

Continually wipe clean the slate, start afresh.

Each wave another chance.

Each moment a new beginning.



                       by Sandy Seyler


Shine stars, diamonds on waves.

Wild cries of dolphins

Sound music of the spheres.

Night holds it's breath.

Gentle goddess rises from the sea.

Leave your kingdom behind;

Enter this world of your own accord.

Grace us with your sweetness.

Ride foaming horses onto shore.

Trails of sea water glisten on alabaster skin.

Red tendrils curl, roses entwined.

No shadow cast in moonlight:

No footprints in sand.

Wind alone chants praises.

Softly, unseen, she comes.