Summer 2019


No Classes Monday, September 2nd, Labor Day



I had my very 1st radio interview on 8-6-18. It's about 8 minutes. You can listen on the link!


Angel Crystal Bowl Immersion

Sunday, July 28th from 2-4pm

Fee: $30  - Luzerne Studio

  We will connect to the 4 Archangels and receive gifts through meditation. Then after a break will will connect to our guardian angels through meditation then immerse in the sound of crystal bowls and receive angelic healing energy.  Enjoy, relax and heal in this crystal singing bowl sound bath. Chakras will be cleared and aligned with bowl and toning.  Guided visual will be offered. The ascension chakras are needed now to navigate our life will open and be activated by these special bowls. 6 crystal bowls, metal bowls, bells and chimes will take you on a peaceful and healing journey. You will be lying on the floor for the majority of the time. Wear comfortable clothes. Bring yoga mat blanket, pillows, eye mask. Anything that will help you be comfortable. If lying is uncomfortable sitting against wall or in a chair is also an option. Call Sandy if you have any questions 570-288-1785. 

Candlelight Healing Circle

 Wednesday, August 21st

6:30 to 8:00pm $20

Healing energy, prayer, meditation and intention help us to clear our minds and soothe our emotions. It gives the soul a place to expand. It is also a way to help others. It is my intent to create a place of peace so you can create a space of calm joy in your life. Reiki healing energy will be channeled to the group and a guided visual meditation will be offered. It will be simple, seated in chairs. Creating healing energy for ourselves and others. Depending on # of participants we may be able to put each person in the center of circle if they desire. Time is approximate. You may come and go as you please. Comfortable clothes.

Crystal Bowl Meditation

Friday, September 6th

5:30 - 6:30pm Fee: $15 or use your class package

Guided visual journey and singing bowl meditation. Enjoy, relax and heal as you are guided through a meditation to open the soul star chakra which is which is above the crown chakra (top of the head).  Soul Star Chakra helps you have a greater connection to your Higher Power and helps you to more easily connect to the wisdom voice of your soul. This is a great way to clear out stress and start your weekend off right. Bring mat and blanket if you have them. Comfy clothes. Also bring any other pillows or supports you will need to lie on the floor. I do have lots of mats, extra blankets and bolsters. If you are uncomfortable lying on the floor you may sit against the wall or in a chair. No reservations needed. Walk-ins welcome. 


Angel Walkers

Possible walk the weekend of August 24/25

Location to be decided

Fee $40

Aside from vacation I am also attending a Nature Retreat and a Yoga/Meditation workshop this summer. It's a busy summer for me.Toward the end of July I will have more info on the next Angel Walk. Below is general information.

Forest bathing (originated in Japan) is trending globally. It is a way to reconnect to nature and therefore to ourselves by sitting or meandering in the woods and being present and aware. I've added a Sandy twist on that, a spiritual meander in the woods to reconnect you to nature, your soul and Creator. We will meditate to bring peace and clarity. We will hug trees, talk to rocks and water gaze. Creator made this beautiful planet so we would know how much we are loved. As you desire, you can also connect to fairies, angels and possibly our Heavenly loved ones. Drumming will accompany our meditation. I am excited about this new offering! I've done forest bathing and loved it. I hope you will join me for this new experience. Weather dependent. No rain date. Sturdy hiking shoes.  Call Sandy to reserve a spot, get start location and info.

Payment due that day. Check or cash.

Reservations requested. 570-288-1785

 Future walk locations, Frances Slocum, Thornhurst Picnic Area, Ricketts Glen and in the woods by our home in Suscon.  I will keep you posted. Keep an eye on the homepage.


Current class schedule,pricing and individual appointment info on Locations Page. Detailed class & event info, calendar page, click event or class.

Hot off the presses! 10-22-18

New 30 minute national radio interview.

You can listen on the link !


New Individual Services!

Singing Bowl Therapy Session

Enjoy this incredible experience intuitively played for your personal healing and empowerment. As you rest, you will be immersed in the sound and power of Ascension Crystal Healing Bowls. Sound will facilitate chakra healing and energy clearing. These special bowls have been created for our healing in these challenging times and expanding the evolution of your soul!

$80 approx 1 and 1/2 hours.

Call Sandy to schedule an appointment. 570-288-1785

Healing Yoga - you will rest in restorative yoga postures while receiving reiki.

Shamanic Drumming Therapy - as you rest, energy will be cleared and physical and mental healing facilitated through shamanic drumming, chanting and rattles.

Remote Energy Healing - receive healing energy and insights in the comfort of your own home. The phone sessions are a good way to get back on track when you live out of the area. Reiki is not limited by space and time. In their own homes, clients feel and respond to the energies while I connect by phone. 

Angel Tarot Readings are available in person for approx 1 hour or

read by cell phone with txtd pics.  

Receiving cash, check or PayPal

Check Calendar page for more information on events listed above. Call Sandy for more info or reservations 570-288-1785 or use contact page!