“The really valuable method of thought to arrive at a logically coherent system is intuition.”  
-Albert Einstein
Intuitive Healer | Reiki Master Teacher | Certified Yoga Instructor | Meditation Instructor

Native American Drumming Meditation

Guided visual journey and drumming meditation by Sandy at 11th Element Salt Spa. The sound of the drum, rattle, chanting and singing the Native American tradition combined with guided verbal relaxation will lead you into a state of bliss and total peace. You will journey to a place of complete rest in the depths of your own soul. This style of drumming is guaranteed to quiet your mind completely and give rest to the body. This session will clear out stress and you will return rested and refreshed. You will be resting comfortably on soft white salts receiving the incredible benefit of the salt room. Please bring beach towel to lie on. Wear comfortable clothes. You may also bring a towel to cover. yourself. Call Eleventh 11th for pricing and reservations (I believe it's $25 or $30) 570-338-2610

Tuesday, February 28th, 2023 from 6 -7PM
11th Element Salt Spa

Gateway Shopping Center

Edwardsville, PA 18704

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