“The really valuable method of thought to arrive at a logically coherent system is intuition.”  
-Albert Einstein
Intuitive Healer | Reiki Master Teacher | Certified Yoga Instructor | Meditation Instructor


Reiki is a Japanese healing art. The word reiki loosely translated means Divinely guided life force. Reiki was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922. It is a combination of intuitive creation and ancient healing techniques. It is practiced by laying on of hands to balance and clear a persons life energy. The practitioner utilizes a flow of energy, Japanese and Tibetan symbols and sacred names to activate the healing energy. To become a reiki practitioner, a person attends classes and receives a reiki attunement from a certified reiki master/teacher. The ability to do reiki is passed from master to student through an energy initiation called an attunement. According to Albert Einstein, all matter (humans, rocks, animals, etc.) is made up of energy compressed in to form. Energy healing, such as reiki, uses channeled energy to affect a human energy field.

Reiki was first brought to America in 1937 by Mrs. Hawayo Takata. She was a student of Dr. Chujiro Hayashi who later followed her to Hawaii to help establish reiki there. Dr Hayashi was a direct student of founder Dr. Usui in Japan.

Reiki is the main technique practiced by Sandy in her healing sessions. Sandy is also certified in Therapeautic Touch, energy healing taught as a nursing elective, Magnified Healing and offshoot of reiki. She has also worked with Native American and Incan Shaman's in drumming, journey and other healing techniques. She intiuitvely is guided to the proper techniques for each person. Intuitive counseling is also offered during a healing session to help the client make any life changes to support the healing. Sessions take place in person, or phone.  For an appointment call 570-288-1785 or email on the contact page.  

Training for Reiki offered periodically. Check Calendar.

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Sandy Seyler Studio

Sandy Seyler Studio

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In person or by phone.

$100 for the first session, $90 per session there after
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