“The really valuable method of thought to arrive at a logically coherent system is intuition.”  
-Albert Einstein
Intuitive Healer | Reiki Master Teacher | Certified Yoga Instructor | Meditation Instructor
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My Friend Ellen

Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you just don't care.
Dance like no one is watching. The above quote is scrawled on the inside cover of the book titled Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie, given to me by my friend Ellen. It was her well worn personal copy.

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Upcoming Events
Friday, February 7th from 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Chakra Healing Meditation

Guided visual and sound meditation to heal and the balance the chakras. (Major energy centers in your body.) We will use visualization of colors in a relaxing meditation. You will feel relaxed, lighter and energized after the process. Participants will rest on the floor or can be seated in chairs for the meditation. No reservations needed. Bring mats, blankets if you have them. Mats, blankets and some bolsters available.

No reservations needed

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Wednesday, February 19th 6:30pm to 8:00

Candle Light Healing Circle

This is a quiet and meditative time to nourish your soul. Participants will receive energy healing while using prayer and affirmations for self-care. We also send prayers, love and energy to all we love and know as well as all people, animals and the earth itself. This is a positive and rest expression of love. Chair seating. No reservations needed. This offering is usually held the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Check home page or calendar for changes.

No reservations needed.

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Angels In Nature

Forest bathing (originated in Japan) is trending globally. It is a way to reconnect to nature and therefore to ourselves by sitting or meandering in the woods and being present and aware. I've added a Sandy twist on that, a spiritual meander in the woods to reconnect you to nature, your soul and Creator. We will meditate to bring peace and clarity. We will hug trees, talk to rocks and water gaze. Creator made this beautiful planet so we would know how much we are loved. As you desire, you can also connect to fairies, angels and possibly our Heavenly loved ones. Drumming will accompany our meditation. I am excited about this new offering! I've done forest bathing and loved it. I hope you will join me for this new experience. Weather dependent. No rain date.  Call Sandy to reserve a spot, get start location and info.

If you are interested please get in contact with me so I can keep you posted of any changes and exact meeting point. I am planning future walks in Frances Slocum, Thornhurst Picnic Area, Ricketts Glen and the woods by our home in Suscon.  I will keep you posted. Keep an eye on the homepage.

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