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Studio Phone Snafu

In January of this year, 2023, good ole' Verizon Wireless did a huge upgrade to my Studio Phone 570-288-1785. WHAT A MESS!!! I will say they warned me. . .

Calls that came in were not shown on the app. When I finally got into my voicemail at the end of January there were more than a dozen calls. While sorting through those calls I realized some were reloaded from LAST JANUARY! 2022 After ripping out my hair, I tried to return calls. I did not discover this till after the Holiday Refresher was already over. So I am apologizing to all of you that did not get any response from me! I am truly sorry. I know now I have to monitor the voicemail instead of looking for notifications on the app. Therefore, thank you Verizon for making my business life harder!!! Looking forward to serving you better! Sincerely, Sandy

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